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Need to Know

Do I need to be really good at cornhole to come play?

No! If you enjoy playing cornhole, please come out and play. We provide multiple divisions so everyone from pros to backyard baggers who are just getting started can come out and have a good time. 

Which division should I play in?

  • Open Division

    • NEW this season is the “Open Division” which as the name implies is Open to anyone from Pro level players down to Novice level players (similar to how the Advanced division was in the past). This is NOT a skill level, rather it’s a new division that allows directors to combine Pros and Advanced players and will offer maximum points towards player rankings. 

  • Advanced Division / Skill Level

    • NEW this season the Advanced Division will NOT allow Pro’s to play in the division at Open, Conference and Regional events. However, not all areas will offer both an Open Division and an Advanced division. In those areas there will simply be an Open division and no Advanced division. There can certainly be top level players in the Advanced Skill Level who have not yet earned/accepted the ACL Pro Player Title.

    • This player can execute sliding the bag and airmailing the bag as needed. Player fully understands game strategy and likely plays and practices on a regular basis.
      (PPR Range: > 8.2 – 9)

  • Competitive Division / Skill Level

    • The Competitive Division is intended for players who are good, but not quite ready for the Advanced level. For areas that have a lot of depth at the top end of players, it makes sense for a Director to offer Open/Advanced and Competitive Divisions for Local, Regional and Conference tournaments.

    • This player fully understands game strategy, but may struggle with consistency. At times this player looks like they can beat anyone, but then in a subsequent game or round can struggle. (PPR Range: 7.2 – 8.2)

  • Intermediate Division / Skill Level

    • The Intermediate Division is for players that enjoy playing casually but are competitive enough to beat the Novice level players. Players can enjoy the sport and events without having to play the top players.

    • This player has a feel for the distance needed to toss the bag, but can be erratic in getting the bag to consistently be in the middle of the board. This level of player is working on developing a consistent pitch. (PPR Range: 6.2 – 7.2)

  • Novice Division / Skill Level

    • The Novice Division is intended for beginners and large events that have a lot of Intermediate players.

    • This player has limited experience with the game and usually has very little control over where the bag is going. (PPR Range: < 6.2)

Where are tournaments and weekly events held?

We have regular events in the Wasatch Back, Salt Lake, Ogden, and Utah County area. We are currently working on venues and exact locations for the upcoming areas. If you are interested in getting a club going in your area, we'd love to talk. Reach out to us at

Do I need to bring my own bags?

All of our events are bring your own bags. If you are yet to buy a set of double sided bags—or yet to learn what those are ;)—we have your back, you can rent a set at whatever event you attend.

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